Whatever mitigates the woes
or increases the happiness of others -
this is my criterian of goodness
And whatever injures society at large,
or any individual in it -
this is my measure of iniquity
For thus the royal mandate ran,
When first the human race began;
The social, friendly, honest man,
Whate'er he be
'Tis he fulfills great Nature's plan
And none but he.

Winnipeg Robert Burns Club #197
Application for Membership

Prefix_________ First Name ____________________ Initials _____ Last Name ______________________

Home Address____________________________________________________________________

City/Town ____________________________ Prov. ____________

Postal Code _____________________

Preferred Email ______________________________________________________________

Home Telephone ___________________________ Cell _________________________________


___ I consent to the above information being listed in the Club’s published
membership roster

___I consent to only my Name only being listed in the Club’s published
membership roster

__ I consent to receive email from the Winnipeg Robert Burns Club

___ By cheque
Please include a cheque in the amount of $8.00 payable to “The Winnipeg Robert Burns Club”

Please mail your completed application with your cheque payment to:
Winnipeg Robert Burns Club
c/o 461 Shelley St Winnipeg MB
R3K 1E9

Date _________________________________
Signature of Applicant_________________________________________________

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